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Gifts That Pay You Income

Gifts That Pay You Income

You can generate extra income for yourself, and even a loved one, and at the same time empower athletes both on and off the field, now and for future generations.

Payment rates increased in 2018, making these gift options even more attractive.

If you’re thinking about this gift, we recommend consulting with both Special Olympics and your financial partner to select the gift that’s right for you.

You can donate cash or securities worth $10,000 or more to Special Olympics and receive tax benefits and fixed annual, semi-annual, quarterly or monthly payments for life in return.

Your benefits include:

  • Your payment will never change, and can now go as high as 9.5%, depending on your age (you must be 65 or older). If you don’t need the income immediately, or you have not reached age 65, you can schedule payments to begin at least one year after your donation or once you reach age 65. The longer the deferral period, the higher your payment rate.
  • You may be able to reduce your tax burden for the year you make the donation.
  • Gift annuities are an ideal way to provide financial security for you and a loved one.
  • You may avoid some capital gains tax when you use appreciated stock to fund your gift annuity.

You can donate cash or appreciated securities (minimum of $100,000) to Special Olympics and receive payments for life, or for a fixed number of years, in return.

Your benefits include:

  • You avoid paying capital gains tax on sales of appreciated stock and real estate.
  • Convert the full value of stock into a lifetime income stream.
  • Receive a significant charitable income tax deduction.
  • Remove assets from your taxable estate.
We would be happy to provide you with a personalized illustration of the rates and benefits you might receive with a life income gift. To receive your personalized illustration please contact Connie Grandmason at or by calling (202) 536-5541.

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