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Join the Special Olympics Legacy Challenge!

You can activate an immediate donation of 10% of your future gift’s value, up to $10,000, to make an even greater impact – today and in the future.

Goal: Complete and disclose your legacy gift to help create a more inclusive world.

$139,000 out of our $500,000 goal reached



How the Legacy Challenge Works

By creating your legacy, you make creating a world of acceptance and inclusion for all people part of your own life story.

Easy ways to join the Special Olympics Legacy Challenge

Gifts in a Will

A gift in your will or trust is easy to establish; it can be changed at any time and for any reason and it creates your legacy with Special Olympics, providing a more inclusive world. All you need is a few simple words.

Gifts by Beneficiary Designation

It’s easy to set up a legacy gift through a beneficiary designation in your retirement plan, insurance plan, or other asset. Simply complete a beneficiary designation form from your fund’s administrator. When you do, you create your legacy of a more inclusive world.

To learn more about leaving a gift in your will to Special Olympics, request these complimentary resources:

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You can activate an immediate donation of 10% of your future gift’s value, up to $10,000, to increase your impact today for our athletes.

If you prefer to keep your future gift amount private, you can still make an immediate impact today by letting us know about your gift now. You will a activate a $500 donation from the Legacy Challenge sponsor.

Read Example Scenarios

John notified us that he has named Special Olympics as the sole beneficiary of his IRA. The current value of his account is $75,000. By sharing these details, he will activate an immediate matching gift of $7,500.

Jane lets us know that she has included Special Olympics in her will for 25% of her estate. She estimates that her gift is worth approximately $100,000. Her notification activates an immediate matching gift of $10,000.

Activate Your Donation

You will activate an immediate donation in your name

that will be used now to make the world a better, healthier and more joyful place–one athlete, one volunteer, one family member at a time.

You will inspire other people to support Special Olympics
by allowing us to recognize your generous commitment, making an even greater impact. However, if you prefer to remain anonymous, we will honor your choice.

You are welcomed into The Champion’s Society®
a special group of committed people, like you, who have included Special Olympics in their estate plans. The Champion’s Society® members are the guardians who protect our athletes’ future.

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